Pure Therapy is Asheville’s source for QUALITY massage therapy and detoxification programs. I’m Kim Cantor Iamurri, Licensed Massage Therapist & Holistic Lifestyle Educator, here to guide you back to your natural home of optimal health, vitality and peace. At Pure Therapy, you are treated as a WHOLE being comprised of body, mind and spirit. With this holistic perspective, you are able to receive deeper healing. In the fast paced bustle of everyday life, we all need a personal oasis: a place of reprieve, of rejuvenation, of calm. Pure Therapy has become that oasis for many of Asheville’s finest. Allow yourself to be a part of this space that brings you back to your PURE ESSENCE.

I look forward to being a partner in your health journey. In gratitude & peace,
Kim Iamurri – Owner, Pure Therapy

"A massage with Kim is a piece of 'Heaven on Earth!' You won't want the massage to end. I've been receiving regular massages from Kim since 2005. Kim has helped me experience relief in my low back, feet, and shoulders. her massage & detoxification programs are definitely a part of my health regimen. A massage from Kim will melt your worldly stresses away."
- Babar Syed, Local Business Owner & Investor