About Me

My career background actually started in the television, radio and public relations arena in Virginia and Washington, D.C. While living life in the “fast lane”, I was finding myself feeling lost– disconnected. I wasn’t feeling at home in my own body. Honestly, the only time I felt really calm was while out in nature, with my family or in a SPA!

While at the spas, massage therapy in particular helped give me a sense of peace. And this peace put me back into my body feeling connected to my breath, having a clear mind, and a confident spirit.

At this point, the call to become a massage therapist was STRONG! If I could help others receive this peace, it would make a difference in their lives & in the world.

I moved to Asheville, NC to pursue my calling and attended The Whole You School of Massage in Rutherfordton, NC. I opened my massage therapy practice in 2003. The doors flew wide open and today I am grateful to be working with an amazing clientele.


Cadence, Linda Nelson, Kim
Cadence Wood, Dr. Linda Nelson and Kim Iamurri
In April 2008, my practice shifted to include cleansing detoxification programs. It all started because I needed a quality cleanse to help my body’s internal balance. In New York, I met Dr. Linda Nelson, PhD, Doctor of Naturopathy and President of the M’Lis Company. Dr. Nelson’s philosophy of “helping the body heal itself” & recovering its homeostasis really resonated with me. Dr. Nelson has developed world-renowned detoxification programs from 3 days to 90 days.

These programs have helped people live symptom-free from Fibromyalgia, Candida and attain healthy, safe Weight Loss. Her programs have literally changed 1000s of peoples’ lives. In November 2008, I trained with her in Salt Lake City, Utah to learn how to guide people through these cleansing detoxification programs.

In January of 2009, Cadence Wood & I began a Holistic Lifestyle Education sector, that leads clients through these dramatic lifestyle-change programs.

In continuing with being in service to people, I became a licensed Registered Nurse in 2014.  This journey has continued to round out the gifts to share with my community.

Graduate from:

  • James Madison University, ’99 B.A. Mass Communications, cum laude
  • The Whole You School of Massage ‘01
  • National Certification Exam for Massage Therapy ‘02
  • M’Lis Certification: Holistic Lifestyle Educator ’08
  • Western Carolina University, ’13 B.S.N. RN, Nursing, magna cum laude
"A massage with Kim is a piece of 'Heaven on Earth!' You won't want the massage to end. I've been receiving regular massages from Kim since 2005. Kim has helped me experience relief in my low back, feet, and shoulders. her massage & detoxification programs are definitely a part of my health regimen. A massage from Kim will melt your worldly stresses away."
- Babar Syed, Local Business Owner & Investor