Detoxification FAQs

Can I detoxify for longer than 3 days?
Yes. People with more severe toxicity could benefit by cleansing for longer periods. However, it is more desirable to utilize the program regularly for 3-4 days each time.

Can I detoxify by just fasting with water?
Yes, but the M lis Detoxification program is much better than water fasting. It aids in the rebuilding process and cleanses without weakening. Because many people are already deficient as well as toxic, the longer they go without food, the greater the deficiency.

Why is it important to use distilled water?
Distilled water is pure, which means it has no chemicals or bacteria to interfere with the cleansing process. Do not use bottled mineral water since it may contain concentrations of heavy metals. Soft water is also a poor choice because of its high sodium content.

Can I use other juices?
Yes. Any unsweetened fruit juice may be substituted, if necessary, but it is not the most efficient method. Lemon juice contains important building aids and its astringent action makes it a superb cleansing agent. Fresh, ripe lemons are best of course, but frozen concentrate can be used if fresh are not available.

Will I be hungry during detoxification?
Because eating is a habit, you may have a desire to eat, but you should not feel hungry. If you do, simply drink the lemon juice mixture more often. Because this mixture is food in liquid form, it gets into the bloodstream quickly and allays hunger.

What if I feel like I must eat?
Most people find that detoxification can be difficult because eating has become a pastime in our society, and we have come to crave the taste of foods. The first time can be especially taxing. If you feel like you must eat, first increase the amount of maple syrup in your mixture. This will raise the blood sugar level, which increases energy. If that doesn’t work, try a short nap and additional water. As a last resort, eat an apple or banana, and then try to continue on with the program as outlined. Call your M’lis educator for further suggestions.

Why is it important to use maple syrup?
First, maple syrup contains many minerals and vitamins. For this reason, it will provide the body with energy. Second, pure maple syrup is a balanced, natural sweetener and can be used without causing an insulin response. Because of this, hypoglylcemics can use the program without fear of lowering or raising blood sugar levels.

Can I detoxify if I have hypoglycemia?
Yes. Detoxifying is especially beneficial to hypoglycemics. Be sure to use only pure maple syrup in the lemon juice mixture. Honey or other sweeteners will trigger an insulin response. M’lis SLENDER AID will also help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Won’t the lemon juice mixture cause too much acid for my sensitive stomach?
No. Although lemon is an acid fruit, it turns alkaline as it is digested and aids in attaining a proper pH balance.

How does detoxification affect cellulite?
Cellulite is waste materials trapped in connective tissues and fat cells, and is very resistant to ordinary dieting and exercise. While M’lis Detoxification will not remove cellulite, it does clean out the intestinal tract, thereby speeding up the elimination of wastes from the body.

What if I have undesirable symptoms when detoxifying?
Many toxins can be pulled out of the body‘s tissues and put back into circulation in order to be eliminated. Some people may have feelings of illness or undesirable symptoms, and some may even experience the recurrence of ailments from years past during this process. This is called a healing crisis. It is a natural and positive event that means the program is working, and the body has begun the detoxification process. This is temporary. Drink plenty of the lemon juice mixture and water to dilute and continually flush the toxins. A warm Epsom salt bath or a nap may be helpful.

Will I have energy during the cleanse?
Yes, as toxins are expelled from the system, the energy levels rises. If you are not as energetic as you feel you should be, simply add a little more maple syrup to the lemon juice mixture. This will raise and maintain your blood sugar level.

Can anyone detoxify?
You should first consult your physician if you are presently under medical care, are on prescribed medication, are over 65 years old, or have any type of serious medical condition. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not detoxify.

Is detoxification safe?
Yes. This type of internal cleanse has been used safely for periods of up to two months over the last 20 years. However, M’lis recommends the cleanse for 3-10 days only.

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