Detoxification Testimonials

I participated in the M’Lis 30 day candida cleanse. It was challenging, but with my determination and her support we made it through the 30 days. I feel better than I have in years. I noticed several positive changes in my body. My itching stopped, I lost around 14 inches from my waist, hips, arms, and legs. My mental acuity is better, my attitude is better, and I have energy to do things I want to do. I have been able to keep off the inches by simply making healthier and better choices. Thanks Kim, for helping me get back the old me~the way I like to be.”
– M. S., Asheville, NC

M’Lis Program Used: 30 Day Candida
Highlights for client:
• Lost 11 pounds overall
• Energy higher
• Felt lighter and fit into clothes better

Before After Detoxification

"A massage with Kim is a piece of 'Heaven on Earth!' You won't want the massage to end. I've been receiving regular massages from Kim since 2005. Kim has helped me experience relief in my low back, feet, and shoulders. her massage & detoxification programs are definitely a part of my health regimen. A massage from Kim will melt your worldly stresses away."
- Babar Syed, Local Business Owner & Investor