Massage Therapy Testimonials

“Kim is nothing short of super hero. With little more than lavender & eucalyptus oils, soothing music, good karma and compassion she tirelessly battles her arch-nemesis back pain and his sidekicks, tight muscles and limited flexibility! I broke my back in three places at 20 years old. I jumped out of an airplane and fell 1280 feet when my parachute malfunctioned. I crushed three vertebrae that are now malformed and are compressing my spinal cord. I live with constant back pain, muscle spasms, limited flexibility and loss of feeling in my legs and feet. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractors and pool therapy…everything except for surgery. Finding Kim has been nothing short of a blessing. Were it not for Kim’s help over the last few years I dread to think what kind of shape I would be in. She keeps me loose, limber, relaxed, walking upright and pill free!”
– H. P.

“Since 2003, I have enjoyed a six year relationship with Kim. More than my massage therapist, she’s a caring spirit and friend. While receiving therapy it’s like she absorbs life’s negatives and replaces them with positives, providing therapy for body and soul. Regular massage sessions have helped relieve and control pain associated with arthritis and gastric issues. Sessions are almost always scheduled just before or after a big trip as massage significantly reduces joint pain associated with sitting for long periods. When traveling, it is inevitable that I will say this phrase “I miss my Kimmy”. I never hesitate to refer friends and family to Kim because I know they will be in caring, healing hands.”
– D. N.

“Over the past year, I have been getting my massages from Kim Iamurri. I have been searching for someone like her for years and years. I have been to many massage therapists, and though they were very good, no one compares to Kim. She puts her heart and soul into her massages and makes you feel so special as though you are the only person she ever gives a massage to. For days afterwards, I feel so light and the stress melts away. Kim is a special person in many ways and a very gifted massage therapist. I would never dream of going to anyone else — my search is over!”
– M. M-K.

“Kim Iamurri ranks up there at the top with BEST of the BEST BODYWORKERS! Her touch is spiritual, magical, bringing a deep relaxation and release of any tension or pain. I can’t say enough good things!”
– J. O., M.A.

“Kim is great! I have been seeing her since Sept 2008. I have had great benefits from regular massage and one of the cleansing programs she offers through M’lis. Kim has taught me many things about the uses of essential oils, body care, and maintaining a more healthy me. She is knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend her services to help get your body back in tip top shape.”

– M. S.

“Kim’s special gift is the individualized care she provides to each of her massage clients. Massage is a gift to myself and my long term health. Massage is a very important part of my care plan, to allow ultimate “destressment” and relaxation. Kim helps me with this “de-stress time” and she is the BEST!!”
– G. R., RN, MS

“A massage with Kim is a piece of ‘Heaven on Earth!’ You won’t want the massage to end.
I’ve been receiving regular massages from Kim since 2005. Kim has helped me experience relief in my low back, feet, and shoulders. Her massage & detoxification programs are definitely a part of my health regimen. A massage from Kim will melt your worldly stresses away.”
– B. S., Local Business Owner & Investor

"Kim Iamurri ranks up there at the top with BEST of the BEST BODYWORKERS! Her touch is spiritual, magical, bringing a deep relaxation and release of any tension or pain. I can't say enough good things!"
- Jessie O'Neill, MA